Inspiring kids to be entrepreneurial.

Teaching Your Kids To Be Successful Part 3: Perseverance

July 23rd, 2013

A baby learns to walk by falling over many times. An entrepreneur learns to succeed after stumbling along the way. Teaching yourself, and your kids, to be successful in business requires Natalie’s fourth P: Perseverance (perseverance on their part, and yours!)


For example, Cathy and I have learned that in the business of referring people to an opportunity, many people will just not be interested. With enterprising teens watching, how do parents set an example to persevere in the face when people say “No”? Well, the mindset for success is to celebrate the “No.” After so many of them, a “Yes” will inevitably follow. One of my mentors, David Wood, says to do the Happy Dance whenever you get a “No,” because the rejection only moved you one step further towards the “Yes.”



Your kids, whether entrepreneurial or not, are going to like to see that Happy Dance, making it a practical way to help seal the behavioural pattern of success in their mindsets. Being able to overcome rejection in business, rejection from friends and rejection from family is paramount for kids to be successful.


Our vocabulary also plays a huge part in our ability to persevere. In our family “Can’t” is a swear-word and not allowed to be used at any time; “Can” is encouraged. Many people, including kids, are quick to give up when the going gets tough, saying, “I can’t” rather than “I can.” The little kids in my family actually believe “Can’t” is a swear word, right up there with the other big four letter words!


Another phrase to abandon is, “It’s too hard.” Natalie showed us a little trick she used to change her perception of what is hard. She bought a toy button that calls out, “That was easy!” when you press it.  Natalie would strap this toy button to her volleyball net pole. Whenever she did something very well that was also very difficult, she would run up to press the button: “That was easy!” Try it for yourself… press the button below!



Being the best in the world at your sport certainly has its challenges, and my kids would love to try out one of those buttons. You can get them from Amazon.com. But whether or not, the point is not to say “That was hard!”


These tactics to increase the level of perseverance in kids and keeping them on a successful track comes easier when you have a Plan. This is the fifth P we’ll talk about next week.

Make sure you have a look at the short video (click the image above) we made of Natalie Cook giving a special message to our kids. Can you spot the BLOOPER?

If you missed last weeks article “Amber’s Reflection of Green SuperCamp” here it is.


A Business Success Formula That You Can Teach Your Kids!

November 30th, 2012

In our previous post we shared Sean Rasmussen’s teachings around developing a healthy self image. This article follows on from that discussion as we share more of his valuable teachings around being successful in business.

How would you like to know Sean Rasmussen’s Business Success Formula?

Teaching these understandings to your children will set them on the path to being successful entrepreneurs.


Sean introduced a simple formula that will get results in business. The formula is…


(Training + Tools + Team) X Time = Results.


This formula can fit all business models, whether it be Network Marketing, conventional business or an Internet Based Businesses. This fits with what we have read about Robert Kiyosaki and his Business Builder model (as opposed to small business). He describes building a business system that will grow itself. Sean’s formula formed the bases of the whole Boot Camp of which we were taught how to address each aspect through Internet Marketing.


In our recent blog about David Wood we discovered that he also uses this formula for business success and he taught us how to apply it to Network Marketing.


Training: Attend the boot camps, join a program, find a mentor and study the business system.


Tools: Use the tools provided by the business system. Use the tools that work, don’t be a tool trying to work it all out for yourself! Or as David Wood says, “Use the tools, don’t be a tool!”


Team: Build a team of experts around you who build your business. In internet marketing it may be virtual assistants, ghost writers and marketers whom you can contract very inexpensively from counties such as the Philippines or India. With Network Marketing it will be the people in your upline as well as those in your own network that form your team. You help them build their business and yours will naturally become successful as well.


Time: Give it your all! Without putting time into your business initially it simply won’t be successful. With businesses that grow and generate a passive income the amount of time you need to commit it great to begin with and the income is small, but as your business grows your work time will diminish, but your income will continue to grow!


Results: Your income generated from your business.











Teaching Kids the Business Success Formula



Flynn extracting the honey from the honey cone.

The Business Success Formula can easily be taught to kids. Firstly help them get started with an enterprise. This way they will learn all about it. For example my son Flynn has learnt a huge amount about bee keeping, harvesting and processing honey and then marketing it.


Next teach them how they can make their business easier by utilizing the right tools. In Flynn’s case it was about borrowing the right extractor equipment and using an expert’s advice (his Grandad) which saves him time.


Then investigate ways of putting a team together to make the process less work and more profitable. Flynn utilized his friends to help bottle the honey, he had people selling his honey on consignment and he found people to take his honey to the market. He wasn’t doing all the work!


Flynn with his product

Explain to your kids about delayed gratification. That is: put the hard yards in now for a financial reward later. Once they see a result in their wallets/purses then they will fully grasp Sean’s formula for business success. Flynn has realised this. He used all his own money to buy his honey and he also paid for everything he required to bottle and market it He understood that he needed to make his business work in order to get his money back with profit. Once he experienced a result with his first batch of honey, he became much more focused and determined with his second batch, which by the way he invested twice the capital!

Three Reasons Why People Are Not Making Money Right Now!


Sean Rasmussen also pointed out three reasons why people are not making money right now. He emphasises the importance of “Action, Intention and Value”. When people use the Business Success Formula, and also attend to and are clear on these three things, they are perfectly set up to make money in their chosen enterprise.




Action is obvious. Take action straight away whenever an idea or opportunity presents. As soon as an idea presents itself, build upon it. Avoid killing the idea with all the “what ifs”.




To illustrate the point about Intention, Sean had us all write onto a small card what our intent was for the three days at the boot camp, and then we put the card in our pocket to be carried around where ever we went. The idea is…  we thought about and put out to the universe our intent without trying to force an answer or outcome. Amazingly, by the end of the three days the answers to our intention were answered! Intention can also be aligned with having a plan.




He refers to Value as being your highest values. Sean Rasmussen explains that your highest values dictate what you focus on. So it is crucial to ensure that what you want, whether it be health, money, family or whatever, is high up on your value list, otherwise it simply won’t happen.


Our Money Mastery mentor, Paul Counsel, also enlightened us to this very important distinction. For us we struggled with putting business ahead of family as our highest value. Our kids have always been our highest value and consequently take up all our time and energy. So what we learnt was that we needed to align business with our highest value of family. Hence we have done that with this very blog and with other enterprise we are pursuing. By aligning our highest value with business, we then have better focus and desire, and our enterprise is moving forward and so are our entrepreneurial mindsets.


So there you have it… Sean Rasmussen’s Business Success Formula.

Flynn celebrating his business success!

In our next blog we will talk more about the wonderful personalities we met whilst on Bootcamp and the sorts of things they are doing to inspire others.about the tremendous opportunity for our kids (and us grown ups!) with building a membership site on the internet. The figures possible…. are mind-blowing!

Sean Rasmussen… Developing Self Esteem!

November 8th, 2012


Our family’s entrepreneurial journey so far has been exhilarating!


The more we learn about successful entrepreneurial people and what makes them different from everyday people has helped us to not only understand our own subconscious beliefs and values, but to  re-condition our own subconscious into developing a mindset and value system that is accepting of economic and personal success.


Our journey of self discovery has allowed us to look deep into our own habits, thoughts and belief systems and that of our children.


Sean, Cherie and us!

However, what has really inspired us, are the people we are becoming friends with along the way. Positive people with energy, motivation, connectedness and drive! These people are our reference group and by simply becoming their friends we are able to absorb their awesome energy!


We flew to Surfer’s Paradise on the Queensland Gold Coast to attend a three day intensive Internet Marketing Boot Camp run by the guru of internet marketing, Sean Rasmussen. Sean’s rags to riches story was an inspiration! From working as an electrician on a mine out from Karratha in Western Australia, carrying a large debt and working very long hours, to becoming a wealthy and very successful (self taught) Internet Marketer!


He would spend twelve hours a day, six days a week, working on the mine site and then teach himself internet marketing during his few waking hours at home (and only sleep for four hours a night!).


He made it his highest value to change his family’s economic situation by being very intent on finding a way to build an online business.


Sean’s focus and persistence (and total support from his family) soon paid off, and within a couple of years he had built a extremely successful business that well and truly replaced his income from his JOB. In fact, Sean’s income rapidly grew and now he has a multi million dollar business!


It seems odd that we travelled so far just for three days, when Sean and his family actually only live less than an hours drive from where we live here in WA. But, of course, being an Internet Marketer, means that Sean has client’s all over Australia and the world. But it’s pretty cool knowing that we have an Internet Marketing Guru who is well recognised world wide, living just down the road!

Our experience over the three day weekend was mind blowing! Sean’s amazing knowledge, enthusiasm and sense of humour kept us captivated throughout the event. We met and became friends with many fantastic people who inspired us with their commitment, passion and variety of topics they were blogging about.

Sean and David at our Boot Camp.

Many had major hurdles to overcome to pursue their passions like Dave who is 21 and has Cerebral Palsy. Or Lynda, who is his supportive Mum, has 4 other chilren at home, and takes the time to bring Dave to Sean’s Bootcamps because she also wants to expose him to the myriad of possibilities out there.

Or Dr Wiliam … (or Dr Bill as he is affectionately known) who is a spritely 80+ yrs young!

Or Catherine, who dreams of working from home so she can still spend time with her gorgeous baby girl.

Or Helen, who came along with her husband Alex and we worked out that Trev taught her in Yr 5 in Geradton!

Or Dale, who’s passionate about Natural Health.

These are just some of the incredible people we met and who we know will make huge successes of their businesses down the track, especially under Sean’s wings. We will expand on the human nature of some of these wonderful people in our next blog and show you the range and depth and variety of people who take up blogging to express their passion.


Also in a later blog, we will share the amazing opportunities that Internet Marketing can bring, especially for our kids who want to utilize this brilliant wealth creation vehicle. But for now, we wanted to reflect on our weekend and the insights we gained from Sean Rasmussen around developing a mindset for success, and in particular how to develop self confidence!










What we like about Sean is his down to earth approach to life. He carries no airs or graces. In fact he and his family enjoy much the same things our family does. They have a hobby farm with a mob of sheep and a crazy dog, their kids play soccer on the weekends in Bunbury and they enjoy the simple everyday aspects of family life as we do.


Sean genuinely wants to help people succeed and he really gives value far beyond what you’d expect with his training and programs. He makes genuine connections with people. Sean explains that with business it is all about finding out people’s problems and then providing the answers.


Now this isn’t the first time that we have seen this pointed out. In fact all the successful people and mentors that we have been fortunate to learn from all say the same thing.


Connect with people and help provide them the answers!


Connecting with people at the Boot Camp!

Sean points out that everybody is an expert. Just find what it is that you are passionate about and become that expert! Find out what people want to know, then build a business around your expertise area.


Self Esteem is another important contributing factor to success. People must take full responsibility for their results in life, not look for fault or blame in others. Sean points out…


Your dreams already do come true. Make your dreams good ones!


Maxwell Maltz (1899-1975) wrote Psycho Cybernetics (1960), a self help classic which revolutionised positive thought. Today’s success teachers (Tony Robins, Demartini, David Wood, Paul Counsel, Sean Rasmussen – just to name a few) understand and refer to. Your self image is the key to human personality and human behaviour.


Change your self-image and you change the person.


Action, Results and Perception are consistent with your self image.


Maltz explains that you will act like the person you perceive yourself to be and your “experience” will be consistent with the way you “see yourself”. We see examples of this everyday. People act the way they perceive themselves, and this is more often than not, drummed into them at a young age.


To put it into context… students fail because they are told that they are failures by parents and teachers. Babies are born “clean”. We interfere with their self image.


Success runs in the family… in the mind!


Maltz points out that disease and success carry through families because it is carried in your mind. If you accept defeat then you are defeated. It is all in how you think and how you behave!


Sean explains that you are better off moving in the wrong direction than not moving at all. At least when you are going in the wrong direction, you can alter course and start going in the right one. It is important to set goals and move forward, otherwise you’ll live in the past. Negative feedback should be seen as a good thing. It helps you correct errors and stay on track. If you can remember that going off track, or off course is not a bad thing, it simply reminds us to re-evaluate what we are doing and self correct. Hopefully we have the self esteem (or at least a great mentor) who can help us find our way back when we stray too far off course.


A healthy self image allows you to locate the answer… to anything!


To Get a Healthy Self Image


  1. Have a goal that is already in existence now and in actual or potential form. (have one that you feel is achievable, but remember to always aim for the moon, because if you fall short, you’ll fall amongst the stars)
  2. Have only an end result in mind..… the “how” will be provided by your Automatic Success Mechanism or ASM (success drawn to you because you believe and trust it to do so- it’s your self image!).
  3. Do not fear mistakes. Negative feedback is a vital part of your ASM. Negative feedback keeps you on course. It is a fact that you get more things wrong in life than right. Just about every super rich successful person has been a failure or broke at some stage.
  4. Dwell on your successes. Your ASM will mentally correct errors until success is achieved. It remembers the successful motives and forgets the failed ones. Think about a basketballer and how he/she is able to achieve the successful shot. It takes pracise and refining or self correcting until the successful shot becomes a pattern in his/her subconscious.
  5. Trust your ASM to do it for you. Focus initially on the end result. Hand it over to your ASM. Do not jam it up with “worry”. Sometimes you have to just “trust” in the universe and know that it will provide you with the solution you are seeking especially if you have a clear intent or know exactly what the end result is that you’re trying to achieve.


Rational Thinking


Sean and his family.

Your subconscious mind has no “will” of its own. It will obey your conscious demands (based around your self image thoughts). So it is through conscious thoughts that you are able to control the ASM. Using rational thinking to challenge your self imposed limits.




It takes twenty one days for something new to become familiar to you. This is when it becomes a habit and you become comfortable with it. A great exercise to test changing a habit is to try brushing your teeth for twenty one days using your other hand. At first it will feel really funny, then you will feel more comfortable with it.

You can use this concept by copying the habits of those you aspire to achieve the same results as, for twenty one days. Napoleon Hill also refers to the importance of copying and developing the habits of the wealthy in his book Think and Grow Rich.


 Tips for Parents of Entrepreneurial children.


Cath and I in Surfer Paradise!

Why not teach your entrepreneurial kids to be disciplined to develop the habits of successful people. Do this by first noticing everyday habits of people around them and then discuss how their habits have contributed to their success by looking at their results. Have your children read biographies of successful people. Build your children’s self image. Encourage them to be leaders, promote public speaking, help them with enterprise and celebrate their successes. Challenge them with exercises to change the way they do things.

There is plenty more to share from Sean Rasmussen ’s Boot Camp, and we look forward to introducing you to just some of the gorgeous people we met and were inspired by. We will also talk about Sean’s formula for success and the three reasons why people are not making money now!

Network Marketing… A Brilliant Wealth Creation Vehicle!

October 26th, 2012

In our last article we shared our awesome, mind blowing experience at David Wood’s Break Through Training. Our article talked about David’s teaching of how to be tremendously successful and happy!


He teaches about attitude, mindset and overcoming fear, but he also explains that you need a vehicle (preferably vehicles) to build wealth. David Wood’s favourite wealth creation vehicle is Network Marketing! He has managed to generate tremendous wealth from Network Marketing, and although he has built several million-dollar Network Marketing businesses, today he is committed to the billion dollar company, Isagenix! David Wood is a professional Network Marketer and an exceptional trainer and mentor.


At the three day training seminar we became friends with many people with awesome energy! As it was primarily an Isagenix training, everyone there were Isagenix business builders. This common ground gave us all plenty to talk about. We had this tremendous belief in the company and the quality products that it has developed and won national awards for. We also saw the tremendous opportunity Isagenix offers for those who want optimal health and those who choose to use it as a vehicle to build wealth.


Network marketing is the business of the future! People referring people to use the products that they themselves are using and believe have excellent benefit. There are no shareholders expecting dividends, middle man taking his cut, or expense through having to run a down town shop. You don’t need to employ anyone, pay for stock or maintain complicated book keeping. Network marketing requires zero start up capital, no franchise fees, and has a unique business structure whereby you help others to build their businesses and become successful, and by doing so it actually builds your own!


Now isn’t that awesome… all you need to become successful is to help your friends become successful!


David Wood explains that finding out about people and what is important to them and how you can be of help to them is the key to being successful. Connecting with people on a genuine and personal level cannot be underestimated.


Network marketing provides a proven system that works, so stick to it and use the tools the system provides. More of David Wood’s wise words…

“Don’t be a tool, use the tools!”… and…  “Systems are duplicable, people are not!”


He points out that it is our job to be great leaders… and great leaders aspire to inspire! If people are inspired by you, they will be drawn to your energy.



Network Marketing doesn’t require degrees, or fancy titles, or real expertise… anyone can get involved. What’s more, people can choose how much they want from it, whether it be simply using the products, paying off their car payments or weekly bills, to becoming financially free! There is no cap on income, unlike having a job.

Once you build your business up it will pay a healthy residual income for years to come without requiring giving up time. Really… it is a perfect opportunity for those who are ready for it!


At David Wood’s training there were plenty of everyday people achieving success, with some of them having built profitable businesses in only a matter of a few short months. The sky’s the limit, but it requires dedication, honesty, perseverance and hard work, just like any business. It’s just that with network marketing, eventually the residual income will allow freedom of time for you to do the things you want to do. If you are lucky enough to find a product that you believe in and can see make a difference in the lives of everyday people, then it is also a career you will love!


Network Marketing is also an excellent wealth creation vehicle for young people leaving school. Rather than getting a job, why not encourage your teenager to become an entrepreneur and build a successful business. By the time their peers have completed their university degrees and entered the workplace with a hex debt, a young network marketer could be making a six figure residual income. It is something we will look at for our own kids.


Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Gates and Donald Trump all describe Network Marketing as an excellent type of business to be involved in.

Warren Buffett himself invests in three of the top world network marketing companies.

Points to remember when choosing a network company as your wealth creation vehicle

1. The product must be second to none. You must use it, love it and have had a great result from it, or there is no point trying to make a business.

2. Do your homework on the company. What is it’s annual growth? Who are the leaders in the company, what is their track record and what is their vision for the business?

3. What is the company’s compensation plan? Does it help all of it’s members and give opportunities to all, no matter where they are in the network? There are many differing plans, some much better than others. The “Binary Compensation Plan” is one worth considering.

4. Does the company have a bigger vision to help make a difference in the world. Do they follow through with what they truly believe in and direct some of their profits to the charities they support to make a difference on a global level?

5. Are the products sustainable and likely to be around in the future? Are they well recognised and credible, and is the company continuously developing and improving their products?


May be a book worth reading!

To finish off we’ll share some of David Woods quotes…

“We don’t stop playing because we turn old, but turn old because we stop playing!”


“How I do anything is how I do everything!”


“Take 100% responsibility for everything in my life and for everything not in my life.”


In our next blog we get back to our own kids journey with becoming entrepreneurs. We will take another look at Kit and Chayse and see how they have grown their enterprising business and helped a charity along the way!



Isagenix products.

Isagenix entrepreneurs.

Isagenix compensation plan.

Our Isagenix Business website.

Isagenix in the News.

David Wood – The Master Trainer!

October 16th, 2012

David Wood is the Master of all trainers!!


David Wood

We were spellbound by David Wood and energy, inspiration and mastery when he presented his Break Through Training Program to us last weekend. Everything is possible for anyone despite circumstance. All we have to do is step out and go get what we want without allowing fear to pull us back. We must take 100% responsibility for what we have and what we don’t have, without laying blame or excuse. We are the only ones who can make the shift in mindset and create success for ourselves!

During the three day program we gained tremendous insights about ourselves and how we are with people and how we approach life. David emphasises the importance of connecting with people. His tip is very simple, say “hello” and do it as often as you can, with energy!

This testimonial by Allan Kerr was spot on…

“The content is heavy hitting and invaluable, the delivery by David is strong, sometimes confronting and punchy, but mostly fun. Many of us know what we should be doing, but David has a remarkable gift of being able to make every attendee realize their shortcomings and realize what they need to do if they truly want to achieve their goals and dream with this business model, in fact with life in general. So,…. face the fear, and do it anyway! Just have a go …have a who cares, so what attitude, have fun, and get out there and talk to people, make new friends, and you will be rewarded with whatever it is you seek!!”

Break Through Training Perth 2012

One of the things that stood out for us was that “No doesn’t always mean no forever.”  David Wood reminded us in a fun game how to act when you do get a “no” – do the Happy Dance!  And do it like you mean it.

Don’t let yourself go down that path of “I didn’t present well enough, or I didn’t know my stuff well enough, or I’m not qualified enough…. Whenever you hear a no… instead, think of it that you’re only one step closer to your next “yes” and then celebrate the no.

Many of the distinctions and lessons that David taught us were very much in line with what we’ve been learning with our Money Mastery course with mentor Paul Counsel. One of those is in respect to the importance of a reference group.

“I become the sum of the five people I spend the most time with.”

If we want amazing results in our lives we must aspire to associate and become connected with other people who are getting those results. One way to do that is to attend events and form mentor groups with people with similar aspirations. This allows new friendships with energetic, motivated and successful people.

We also recognise that this is just as important for our kids. That is why we encourage them to mix with positive peer groups and get them involved with sporting teams and enterprise.  As David put it…


“Environment is stronger than will power!”


So rather than deal with your will power, just change your environment and reference group.

We learnt also that “success is not convenient”. It requires getting out of routine and comfort. During the training program David pushed all our boundaries to get us to practice being uncomfortable. He did this by having us talk to strangers on the street, miss our coffee breaks, hug each other, hold hands with people we didn’t know, stay on late way past the planned program times, speak publicly, become vulnerable, and dance and dance and dance! We love his favourite saying…

“Get so uncomfortable about being uncomfortable that you get comfortable!”

David Wood the Master trainer and Us!

This is something we definitely need to encourage in schools!

Here is a great little exercise that David says works… don’t blame, justify, complain for ninety days and your life will completely change.

David truly believes that no dreamer is ever too small, no dream is ever too big!  He says that if you don’t know where you’re going, every road will get you there. All we have to do is make a start and follow a road. He also points out that…


“We will miss 100% of the shots we never take!”


So just believe in yourself and have-a-go.

David points out that everyone was once a disaster, including him! David’s life certainly didn’t start out on the right track. His Dad left the family when he was seven and he grew up angry with his mother. He dropped out of school and was in all kinds of trouble as a teenager living on the streets. David spent ten years travelling around the world, broke and living day to day. He worked as a chimney sweeper, window cleaner and barman. He discovered for himself that “who you were can completely change!” This realization led to a different thinking which brought him massive wealth, success and happiness way beyond all his expectations. His success is a direct result of a change in thinking and attitude.

Paul Counsel also supports the view that we are a product of our thinking. What we think and believe will become our reality.

David points out that your results are telling you what’s going on in your life. If you are unhappy and poor, then you need to consider that what you’ve been doing up until now doesn’t work. And if you don’t find a new way and make changes, then your results will only continue to be the same. His advice is to stop taking advice from broke, unhappy people, and seek out successful mentors and friends who can move you along in the right direction.

Lastly a couple of testimonials from friends who attended the break Through Training with us…

An amazing weekend with David in Perth along with an awesome group of people…all willing to feel the fear and do it anyway! Life is not a dress rehearsal…just do it! Stop justifying, blaming and complaining… Grab happiness with both hands…Thankyou so much!
If you ever have the opportunity to spend time with David – take it!

Thanks David for an awesome weekend! If someone had told me I could sit through 3 massive days of training and never once feel like I was falling asleep I would have said impossible. The way you share the information and teach is inspirational. So many laughs and take away lessons – none more so than how to connect and change the warmth in a room. Inspired to say “HELLO” more often.  Melissa

David, this weekend in Perth has left a permanent imprint in my heart and mind. I will take 100% responsibility for what I have and what I don’t have! Your seminar was so well presented and motivational that I have already started applying the strategies to every aspect of my life and have been dancing my “no boogie” quite regularly!! Denise

To Listen to Jack Canfield interviewing David Wood CLICK this image

One of our favourite podcasts I’ve listened to recently from David Wood’s “The Kickass Life” series was his interview with Andrea Owen, Hellraiser (as she calls herself).  She talks about becoming your own biggest fan and becoming a legend in your own mind.  We love that.  Get rid of disempowering thoughts.  And if the thoughts won’t go away, learn to manage them. Take the power away from the gremlins inside your head!  Take advantage of the tremendous inspiration David provides for free on “The Kickass Life” series. CLICK HERE to listen in.

David Wood gave excellent teachings about daily life, relationships and business, (especially about the network marketing or referral business). In this day and age, that is how most businesses operate (whether they think they are or not. Referrals are the number one way that businesses keep loyal customers). There are exciting times ahead for Generation Y as they are fantastic at networking and do so in every day life with all forms of multimedia!

In our next blog article we will talk about the tremendous opportunities for everyday people using this awesome wealth creation vehicle to create residual income and financial freedom. So if you’re curious about this opportunity for yourself or for your entrepreneurial kids, then don’t miss this article!

We will also revisit Chayse and Kit and see how they achieved their financial goal and managed to give some of their money to a worthwhile Charity, the Royal Flying Doctors Service.


Inspiring kids to be entrepreneurial.