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Network Marketing… A Brilliant Wealth Creation Vehicle!

October 26th, 2012

In our last article we shared our awesome, mind blowing experience at David Wood’s Break Through Training. Our article talked about David’s teaching of how to be tremendously successful and happy!


He teaches about attitude, mindset and overcoming fear, but he also explains that you need a vehicle (preferably vehicles) to build wealth. David Wood’s favourite wealth creation vehicle is Network Marketing! He has managed to generate tremendous wealth from Network Marketing, and although he has built several million-dollar Network Marketing businesses, today he is committed to the billion dollar company, Isagenix! David Wood is a professional Network Marketer and an exceptional trainer and mentor.


At the three day training seminar we became friends with many people with awesome energy! As it was primarily an Isagenix training, everyone there were Isagenix business builders. This common ground gave us all plenty to talk about. We had this tremendous belief in the company and the quality products that it has developed and won national awards for. We also saw the tremendous opportunity Isagenix offers for those who want optimal health and those who choose to use it as a vehicle to build wealth.


Network marketing is the business of the future! People referring people to use the products that they themselves are using and believe have excellent benefit. There are no shareholders expecting dividends, middle man taking his cut, or expense through having to run a down town shop. You don’t need to employ anyone, pay for stock or maintain complicated book keeping. Network marketing requires zero start up capital, no franchise fees, and has a unique business structure whereby you help others to build their businesses and become successful, and by doing so it actually builds your own!


Now isn’t that awesome… all you need to become successful is to help your friends become successful!


David Wood explains that finding out about people and what is important to them and how you can be of help to them is the key to being successful. Connecting with people on a genuine and personal level cannot be underestimated.


Network marketing provides a proven system that works, so stick to it and use the tools the system provides. More of David Wood’s wise words…

“Don’t be a tool, use the tools!”… and…  “Systems are duplicable, people are not!”


He points out that it is our job to be great leaders… and great leaders aspire to inspire! If people are inspired by you, they will be drawn to your energy.



Network Marketing doesn’t require degrees, or fancy titles, or real expertise… anyone can get involved. What’s more, people can choose how much they want from it, whether it be simply using the products, paying off their car payments or weekly bills, to becoming financially free! There is no cap on income, unlike having a job.

Once you build your business up it will pay a healthy residual income for years to come without requiring giving up time. Really… it is a perfect opportunity for those who are ready for it!


At David Wood’s training there were plenty of everyday people achieving success, with some of them having built profitable businesses in only a matter of a few short months. The sky’s the limit, but it requires dedication, honesty, perseverance and hard work, just like any business. It’s just that with network marketing, eventually the residual income will allow freedom of time for you to do the things you want to do. If you are lucky enough to find a product that you believe in and can see make a difference in the lives of everyday people, then it is also a career you will love!


Network Marketing is also an excellent wealth creation vehicle for young people leaving school. Rather than getting a job, why not encourage your teenager to become an entrepreneur and build a successful business. By the time their peers have completed their university degrees and entered the workplace with a hex debt, a young network marketer could be making a six figure residual income. It is something we will look at for our own kids.


Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Gates and Donald Trump all describe Network Marketing as an excellent type of business to be involved in.

Warren Buffett himself invests in three of the top world network marketing companies.

Points to remember when choosing a network company as your wealth creation vehicle

1. The product must be second to none. You must use it, love it and have had a great result from it, or there is no point trying to make a business.

2. Do your homework on the company. What is it’s annual growth? Who are the leaders in the company, what is their track record and what is their vision for the business?

3. What is the company’s compensation plan? Does it help all of it’s members and give opportunities to all, no matter where they are in the network? There are many differing plans, some much better than others. The “Binary Compensation Plan” is one worth considering.

4. Does the company have a bigger vision to help make a difference in the world. Do they follow through with what they truly believe in and direct some of their profits to the charities they support to make a difference on a global level?

5. Are the products sustainable and likely to be around in the future? Are they well recognised and credible, and is the company continuously developing and improving their products?


May be a book worth reading!

To finish off we’ll share some of David Woods quotes…

“We don’t stop playing because we turn old, but turn old because we stop playing!”


“How I do anything is how I do everything!”


“Take 100% responsibility for everything in my life and for everything not in my life.”


In our next blog we get back to our own kids journey with becoming entrepreneurs. We will take another look at Kit and Chayse and see how they have grown their enterprising business and helped a charity along the way!



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David Wood – The Master Trainer!

October 16th, 2012

David Wood is the Master of all trainers!!


David Wood

We were spellbound by David Wood and energy, inspiration and mastery when he presented his Break Through Training Program to us last weekend. Everything is possible for anyone despite circumstance. All we have to do is step out and go get what we want without allowing fear to pull us back. We must take 100% responsibility for what we have and what we don’t have, without laying blame or excuse. We are the only ones who can make the shift in mindset and create success for ourselves!

During the three day program we gained tremendous insights about ourselves and how we are with people and how we approach life. David emphasises the importance of connecting with people. His tip is very simple, say “hello” and do it as often as you can, with energy!

This testimonial by Allan Kerr was spot on…

“The content is heavy hitting and invaluable, the delivery by David is strong, sometimes confronting and punchy, but mostly fun. Many of us know what we should be doing, but David has a remarkable gift of being able to make every attendee realize their shortcomings and realize what they need to do if they truly want to achieve their goals and dream with this business model, in fact with life in general. So,…. face the fear, and do it anyway! Just have a go …have a who cares, so what attitude, have fun, and get out there and talk to people, make new friends, and you will be rewarded with whatever it is you seek!!”

Break Through Training Perth 2012

One of the things that stood out for us was that “No doesn’t always mean no forever.”  David Wood reminded us in a fun game how to act when you do get a “no” – do the Happy Dance!  And do it like you mean it.

Don’t let yourself go down that path of “I didn’t present well enough, or I didn’t know my stuff well enough, or I’m not qualified enough…. Whenever you hear a no… instead, think of it that you’re only one step closer to your next “yes” and then celebrate the no.

Many of the distinctions and lessons that David taught us were very much in line with what we’ve been learning with our Money Mastery course with mentor Paul Counsel. One of those is in respect to the importance of a reference group.

“I become the sum of the five people I spend the most time with.”

If we want amazing results in our lives we must aspire to associate and become connected with other people who are getting those results. One way to do that is to attend events and form mentor groups with people with similar aspirations. This allows new friendships with energetic, motivated and successful people.

We also recognise that this is just as important for our kids. That is why we encourage them to mix with positive peer groups and get them involved with sporting teams and enterprise.  As David put it…


“Environment is stronger than will power!”


So rather than deal with your will power, just change your environment and reference group.

We learnt also that “success is not convenient”. It requires getting out of routine and comfort. During the training program David pushed all our boundaries to get us to practice being uncomfortable. He did this by having us talk to strangers on the street, miss our coffee breaks, hug each other, hold hands with people we didn’t know, stay on late way past the planned program times, speak publicly, become vulnerable, and dance and dance and dance! We love his favourite saying…

“Get so uncomfortable about being uncomfortable that you get comfortable!”

David Wood the Master trainer and Us!

This is something we definitely need to encourage in schools!

Here is a great little exercise that David says works… don’t blame, justify, complain for ninety days and your life will completely change.

David truly believes that no dreamer is ever too small, no dream is ever too big!  He says that if you don’t know where you’re going, every road will get you there. All we have to do is make a start and follow a road. He also points out that…


“We will miss 100% of the shots we never take!”


So just believe in yourself and have-a-go.

David points out that everyone was once a disaster, including him! David’s life certainly didn’t start out on the right track. His Dad left the family when he was seven and he grew up angry with his mother. He dropped out of school and was in all kinds of trouble as a teenager living on the streets. David spent ten years travelling around the world, broke and living day to day. He worked as a chimney sweeper, window cleaner and barman. He discovered for himself that “who you were can completely change!” This realization led to a different thinking which brought him massive wealth, success and happiness way beyond all his expectations. His success is a direct result of a change in thinking and attitude.

Paul Counsel also supports the view that we are a product of our thinking. What we think and believe will become our reality.

David points out that your results are telling you what’s going on in your life. If you are unhappy and poor, then you need to consider that what you’ve been doing up until now doesn’t work. And if you don’t find a new way and make changes, then your results will only continue to be the same. His advice is to stop taking advice from broke, unhappy people, and seek out successful mentors and friends who can move you along in the right direction.

Lastly a couple of testimonials from friends who attended the break Through Training with us…

An amazing weekend with David in Perth along with an awesome group of people…all willing to feel the fear and do it anyway! Life is not a dress rehearsal…just do it! Stop justifying, blaming and complaining… Grab happiness with both hands…Thankyou so much!
If you ever have the opportunity to spend time with David – take it!

Thanks David for an awesome weekend! If someone had told me I could sit through 3 massive days of training and never once feel like I was falling asleep I would have said impossible. The way you share the information and teach is inspirational. So many laughs and take away lessons – none more so than how to connect and change the warmth in a room. Inspired to say “HELLO” more often.  Melissa

David, this weekend in Perth has left a permanent imprint in my heart and mind. I will take 100% responsibility for what I have and what I don’t have! Your seminar was so well presented and motivational that I have already started applying the strategies to every aspect of my life and have been dancing my “no boogie” quite regularly!! Denise

To Listen to Jack Canfield interviewing David Wood CLICK this image

One of our favourite podcasts I’ve listened to recently from David Wood’s “The Kickass Life” series was his interview with Andrea Owen, Hellraiser (as she calls herself).  She talks about becoming your own biggest fan and becoming a legend in your own mind.  We love that.  Get rid of disempowering thoughts.  And if the thoughts won’t go away, learn to manage them. Take the power away from the gremlins inside your head!  Take advantage of the tremendous inspiration David provides for free on “The Kickass Life” series. CLICK HERE to listen in.

David Wood gave excellent teachings about daily life, relationships and business, (especially about the network marketing or referral business). In this day and age, that is how most businesses operate (whether they think they are or not. Referrals are the number one way that businesses keep loyal customers). There are exciting times ahead for Generation Y as they are fantastic at networking and do so in every day life with all forms of multimedia!

In our next blog article we will talk about the tremendous opportunities for everyday people using this awesome wealth creation vehicle to create residual income and financial freedom. So if you’re curious about this opportunity for yourself or for your entrepreneurial kids, then don’t miss this article!

We will also revisit Chayse and Kit and see how they achieved their financial goal and managed to give some of their money to a worthwhile Charity, the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

Plan to Buy Gold and Silver!

October 11th, 2012

“Failing to plan is planning to fail!” Robert Kiyosaki


Most people have a plan on how to make their money, but they do not have a plan on what to do with their money when they make it. Kiyosaki points out that often these are the same people who will have a problem with not having enough money.

He also explains that if you have a good plan before you earn it, then your problem will be having too much money! …Now I like that problem!

Kids need an education on how to plan what to do with their money when they earn it.

Kiyosaki goes on to say,

“Poor people don’t have a plan. All they do is earn more money and spend it on bigger liabilities that take more money from their pockets and then they have to earn even more money. Therefore, despite what they earn, they are always short of money.”

The solution is to plan to spend earned money on Assets (things that appreciate over time) to make passive income. Don’t buy liabilities (things that depreciate and lose money over time) with earned income. Then use some of your passive income from the assets you own to buy the liabilities you want.

Our own kids are all busy planning their enterprises and are successfully making themselves money. They have plans to buy liabilities such as nerf guns, Ipods, computers and so forth, but no plan to buy assets. So I thought it was time to have a conversation with my kids about having a plan to buy assets.

We wrote an article about our conversations with the kids about Assets and Liabilities.  Here is a link to that article.

Once “Assets” as opposed to “Liabilities” was explained to the kids they were then able to make a plan to buy assets. In the above mentioned article I gave several suggestions of Assets that kids could buy. I would like to elaborate further on why Gold and Silver is an excellent asset that our kids could buy with their earned money.

Gold Coin from Lydia

Subscribers to this blog would have seen the promotion of a Gold and Silver Seminar that we hosted here in Bunbury a few weeks back. Our presenter, Andrew Smith, a mining engineer, investor and businessman, has been intimately involved with the world of Gold and Silver mining for many years. He gave many excellent reasons why Gold and Silver is well worth considering as a long term asset investment. I’ll now explain some of those reasons.

Gold and Silver is recognised world wide as money and can be used to buy products and services just as fiat currencies can. The first gold coin was around in 600BC in Lydia, Asia. The difference being, currencies devalue whilst gold and silver hold their value.

Andrew invented the “Meat Pie Indicator” to show why this is!

Aussie Gold 2012 Coin

Let’s see if you can get your head around this explanation of how the Meat Pie Indicator works!!

Back in 1970 you could buy a meat pie for 40c and today the same pie would cost you $4.50. Andrew explains that this indicator shows the Aussie dollar devaluing 350% over a period of 42 years (ie you need 350% more cash to buy the same pie).

What is interesting, is that if you had bought the meat pie with 40c worth of silver back in 1970 when silver was less than $2 an ounce, you would have needed one fifth of an ounce. Yet if you bought the same meat pie today using silver (at $35 an ounce) you would only require about one eighth of an ounce of silver. Silver has increased in value by more than 400% during the same period!
This is a terrific example of the Dollar devaluing due to inflation, whilst Silver (& Gold) gains in value! And no it isn’t just the Aussie Dollar that has devalued! All world currencies have! What’s worse, is that hyperinflation in certain countries have caused their currency to become absolutely worthless. Take Zimbabwe for example. Interestingly though, the people of Zimbabwe are now using gold to buy and sell goods.

If you are interested in understanding more about Hyperinflation and how it could even happen to us down under, then have a look at these videos…
Hyperinflation Nation Part 1

Hyperinflation Nation Part 2

Hyperinflation Nation Part 3

“Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man” Ronald Reagan 1980

As you can see, having precious metals is a hedge against inflation and devaluing currencies. Although this in its self is a very good reason to own gold and silver, there are also many more reasons.

Reserve Banks around the world are injecting more and more money into their economies. This money is being created out of thin air! Every time this occurs it dilutes the money supply and makes it more expensive to buy goods and services. It creates inflation, which in turn reduces the buying power of the dollar. What also happens is that more money is needed to buy gold and silver!

It is estimated that there is 80,000 tons of gold in the ground (in the World) and we currently mine 2500 tons a year. At the current rate of mining there is less than 30 years of gold left in the ground. Silver is running out even faster with only 20 years of silver mining remaining. I guess you can see that with gold and silver running out and the ever growing world requiring more and more of it, then you would expect their values to increase.

Indian Bridal Jewellery

What’s more, the Indians and Chinese love buying gold and silver, and as they become wealthier, so will their thirst for these metals. There are 2.6 billion Chinese and Indians. Much of the gold is bought as jewellery during the Hindu wedding season and during the Chinese New Year celebrations. It is estimated that there is 18,000 tons of gold jewellery present in India alone today. That is a huge amount considering that 165,000 tons have been mined world wide to date!

The commercial demand for silver in manufacturing products such as mobile phones, solar panels and mirrors means that the silver used with producing such products is not stored, but used up. This demand has been increasing year by year.

Since 2001 the USD gold price has increased by 500%.

Gold from $300/ounce in 2001 to $1750 today

Silver from $4 an ounce in 2001 to $34 today

As you can see fundamentally owning gold and silver for the longer term looks to be very promising. So why not introduce your kids to buying this asset class with some of their earned money, or rather than giving them cash for birthday presents, give them silver!

Perth Mint

It is very easy to do. The Perth Mint buys and sells gold, silver and platinum. All you need to do is walk in and buy it. Gold at $1750/ounce may be out of their league, but silver at $34/ounce is manageable. They can buy coins or bullion. Bullion will be better value for money, as coins are looked upon as collectables and have an additional cost for minting which greatly inflates the cost to buy the silver.

Our kids now have new goals. There goals are broken up into three parts and they have a plan for each. A part for buying liabilities, a part for buying assets and a part for tithing!

This website is worth a look at if you are keen to further your education on Gold and Silver.

$20 Piggy Bank! Click Picture

Cathy and I and a group of our friends are very excited to be heading up to Perth to learn from another Great Master. His name is David Wood and his event will be awesome!  So I guess our next blog article will be about what we learn from him!


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