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We Had Excellent Wealth Creation Strategies, But Why Weren’t We Making Money!

February 12th, 2013


Money Making Strategies Simply Won’t Work Unless You Have the Right Mindset! Do You Have That Mindset?


In this article I will share with you why it was that we were not making money even though we had excellent wealth creating strategies!


I’ll also share with you how Paul Counsel’s Money Mastery Mentoring Program in Perth put us right on course for economic and personal freedom.


Paul Counsel Money Mastery

Cath and I.

Our search for financial freedom started out several years ago, and although very motivated and determined, we weren’t able to escape the Rat Race. We lost our way and became frustrated and confused.
In the beginning Cath and I sought out, and attended, excellent presentations on all kinds of strategies for developing wealth… from trading stocks, options and currencies; real estate strategies; to internet marketing.



The speakers all had inspiring rags to riches stories and the systems they were marketing all appeared to be very good. Many people were obviously making money by joining these programs, being trained and then applying the wealth creating strategies.




So we bit the bullet, paid the money and signed on to be up-skilled in the wealth creating strategies that we thought suited our interests. We spent several years working very very hard. We were focused, determined and relentless in our quest to create economic and personal freedom for ourselves and our seven children. We studied every day well into the night, we traveled to the other side of Australia to attend boot camps and bought all the hardware that was needed.



Every waking moment was channeled into our studies.




Eventually we reached a point of burnout!




Money Making Strategies Boot Camp

Money Making Strategies Boot Camp

Our efforts seemed to be in vain and we decided to take time out to assess where we were heading!


There was no doubt that the strategies were excellent, as we met people who were getting the results and achieving economic freedom from applying the strategies. Our results; however, were very up and down. One month we would make money, then the next we would be back to where we started.


The rewards were not reflective of our investment in time and capital. In fact we had gone backwards. So why was this?


Why were we not able to escape the rat race and join the fast lane of the financially free? Others were doing it, so why not us?


We first met Paul Counsel almost one year ago. He was giving a talk to a small group of people about Money Mastery. Cath and I thought we would go along and listen to what he had to say.



What he said really hit home with me!



Paul explained understandings that made it clear why we hadn’t had the results that we had hoped for.



Our Subconscious Mind Controls Everything.



BOE and ECB Dominate Published Friday 08 February 2013 - 05:09   The S&P 500 fell after rising for two days as earnings came in below expectations and European policy makers; in particular Mario Draghi hinted that a strengthening Euro could harm the region’s recovery. Furthermore, US unemployment claims came in at 366,000, above the forecast 361,000.   The index fell to as low as 1,497.93 on the back of the ECB and US news yesterday, but recovered to consolidate just over 1,510 currently, at the time of writing. Stock markets worldwide were in the red as the DJIA recovered to 0.30 percent in the red, Nasdaq down 0.11 percent. In Asia, the Nikkei and Hang Seng are down 0.93 and 0.34 percent respectively.   Draghi stated that not changing the interest rate was an unanimous decision, and that the effect of monetary expansion continues to be subdued. Medium to long term inflation expectations are also in line with maintaining rates just below 2 percent. According to Draghi, the overall monetary policy stance remains accommodative. On exchange rates, Draghi maintained the independence of the ECB stating that appreciation of the Euro is a sign of confidence and exchange rate itself is not a policy target but still important measure for growth and price stability. With regard to the greater Euro economy, Draghi expects further headwinds in early parts of 2013 before a pickup in recovery towards the end of the year. The weakness is further attributed to low consumer and investor sentiment as well as restrained foreign demand.   The release of the news caused significant movements in FX markets as the EUR/USD pair made up for earlier losses?, currently at 1.341. The EUR/JPY pair also continues its slide, currently sitting at 125.342, falling since the sixth of February when it opened at 127.137. The EUR/GBP fell heavily yesterday and currently slightly up in the positive. As a result, questions will be raised on whether Draghi has stopped the EUR/USD rally. Fundamentally, the rally may continue on the basis that risk appetites are improving, the Eurozone is on a recovery path, albeit slow, and capital is flowing into the region. However, a short term retracement may test the 1.3270 support level.   In the UK, BOE governor, Mark Carney has testified to the treasury committee on UK’s monetary policy. Mr. Carney proved to be a more conventional manager, confirming that the two main responsibilities of the bank were price and financial stability, emphasizing the need for confidence in capital markets. Carney dispelled any suggestions on nominal GDP targeting, dashing the hopes of those who wanted radical changes at the bank. The governor was also quizzed by a committee member on the definition of bank’s capital ratio, equivalent to asking Michael Schumacher on what pole position is. The governor answered correctly. The GBP/USD jumped to as high as 1.57657 following the speech, but retraced to close at 1.57146.   In our NZD/USD position, we decided to close the call option today because the 0.845 level appears to be a stiff resistance and the cross is losing its bullish momentum. With short term options, we don’t have the luxury of waiting for a breakout because time value on the option will continue to deteriorate. Therefore we think it is better for us to close it now to limit our donation and perhaps re-enter again after the break

Paul Counsel

Our subconscious mind controls almost everything that we do. It is the driving force behind what we achieve and don’t achieve. It determines our results, whilst our conscious mind plays very little in all this. Paul uses the analogy of an iceberg. The tip of the ice berg that sticks out of the water is your conscious mind and the bulk of the iceberg beneath the water is the subconscious. We generally go about our daily business in a conscious state, feeling as though we are in complete control, oblivious of the fact that it is really our subconscious that is controlling our thinking, feeling and decision making processes.


Subconscious Values


Dreams and Values opposing.... results in Dissonance

Dreams and Values opposing…. results in Dissonance

Paul points out that unless your dreams and goals are aligned with your subconscious highest values then they simply won’t eventuate. In fact you’ll feel dissonance and frustration.


For example, in my case I had a dream and goal for financial freedom; however, subconsciously I didn’t value money.


It doesn’t matter what wealth creating strategy you learn and apply, your subconscious mindset will determine your results. Paul teaches you to understand and how to change deep subconscious values that are holding you back from realizing your dreams.


My subconscious mindset must be understood and changed before applying wealth creating strategies (not the other way around) in order to achieve economic and personal freedom!


The Belt Concept


The subconscious mind is what you don't see, but has the greatest influence.

The subconscious mind is what you don’t see, but has the greatest influence.

Paul drew two parallel horizontal lines on the whiteboard. These lines represented the upper and lower limits of our subconscious mind. He pointed out that everyone has upper and lower limits in all aspects of their lives whether it be family, health, money or body weight.


I’ll use an example in regards to money. Let’s say my upper subconscious limit was $200 000 and my lower limit was $50 000. What happens is that the money my subconscious mind is comfortable with having will range between the upper and lower limits. If I ventured above $200 000, I would somehow self sabotage and fall back below within the comfort area. Likewise if I had a loss of money and dropped below the $50 000 mark, then I would literally scramble to recoup my money to be back within my comfort range.


This explained why every time I started making money with the wealth creating strategies, that I would self sabotage and fall back within my subconscious limits. It also explains why many people who are fortunate enough to receive a windfall in lottery or through an inheritance, often find that within a couple of years they are back to being broke.


Obviously wealthy people have much higher subconscious limits than I do. The good news is that the subconscious limits can be lifted and Paul takes us through the process of developing self efficacy and changing the mindset limitations and condition that we have that hold us back from financial freedom.


This process generally takes time and requires a lot of understanding of what subconscious cognitive processes stop us from pushing those upper limits.


Quantum Physics


Poor Homer Simpson... don't know if he would have much of a subconscious mind!

Poor Homer Simpson… don’t know if he would have much of a subconscious mind!

When I watched “The Secret” (by Rhonda Burn) I was fascinated by the universal law that “what you can see and believe, you’ll conceive”; however, I wasn’t convinced that it could actually work. It all seemed to “out there” for me and much of it I dismissed.





During Paul’s Money Mastery program this quantum physics understanding was discussed and pulled apart in great depth.





Paul cited numerous scientific quantum physics studies that support the theory with evidence. He also looks at studies made by psychologists, and he discusses the thinking processes of people who actually live by and succeed with this belief.


What’s more, Paul teaches us the key elements to being able to put this belief into practise, making it a reality. The universal law is most definitely real, but it takes skill and understanding to know how to utilize it fully in your life.


The Power of Mirror Neurons


The Power of Mirror Neurons!

The Power of Mirror Neurons!

Paul explains about an area of our brains that have what’s called Mirror Neurons. His teachings demonstrate how scientists have discovered that these neurons replicate the subconscious thinking processes of the people we associate with most by mirroring their neurons.


What this means is that by simply hanging out with people who have already achieved the goals and dreams we are striving for, we will become like them, drawing to ourselves their same opportunities and successes. Our results will be an average of our five closest friends. This was very true for me when I looked at my current result around money! Luckily our close friends have other amazing attributes that our Mirror Neurons could connect with and “mirror”, but often true financial freedom wasn’t one of them.


Reference groups play an important role in actually achieving economic and personal freedom. By surrounding yourself with people who have already achieved the goals and success that you wish to achieve and then allowing your powerful mirror neurons go to work, is a huge step towards achieving success.


Paul’s year long Money Mastery mentoring course in Perth is structured to include a reference group with Paul as the Master Mind. Cathy and I have become good friends with the small group of people doing Paul’s Money Mastery program.




We support them and they us and we are able to talk through things that you are not free to talk about with your usual friends. This group has become one of our powerful reference group.


Focus and Drama


Change your thoughts and you'll change your mind!

Change your thoughts and you’ll change your mind!

New cutting edge experiments in Quantum Physics have proven that by focusing on one thing and giving it your all, will take an idea and make it a reality. It is when our focus is divided, or when it is not our highest focus, that things fall apart.


I discovered that I did not have the focus required to create financial freedom. My life was divided between many things such as work, seven children, my wife, a social life, the TV and between the different strategies I was using to develop wealth.





Paul pointed out that if we remain caught up in all the daily dramas and distractions that surround us we simply won’t get the results that we want. Now for me this is easier said than done and I had plenty of excuses why I wasn’t fully focused on economic and personal freedom. It is neither right nor wrong; however, if economic and personal freedom is our goal then money must be one of our highest focus. And there are a whole lot of conditioning and beliefs around money we often have to push through, like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “I have to work hard for my money” have to “rich people are selfish” etc

The Money Mastery Process

paul counsel quoteMoney Mastery is a premier program for those who are ambitious enough to want to experience more of their true potential and courageous enough to go after it. It’s designed for those who seriously want to bring about positive change in either their personal, financial or professional lives.


The focus of Money Mastery is on the development of a new understanding, and the nurturing of a new wisdom based on that understanding, that allows you to control and navigate your way to a sense of freedom and adventure that attracts the envy of those who have yet to experience it and the gratitude of those who are now experiencing the liberation of it.


At some stage throughout their lives people express a desire to experience the potential that economic freedom delivers. The Money Mastery Process is a step by step curriculum designed to fulfill those desires.


It’s an educational program that provides you with the best opportunities to enjoy the freedom and security that comes with more choices, more learning, more time and more money.


It’s a unique combination of information, skills, abilities, camaraderie and personal one on one support delivered by an inspirational mentor who’s totally focused on the success of your personal outcomes.
It runs over one year and comprises:
•    monthly weekend classroom sessions
•    unlimited one-on-one mentoring with Paul Counsel
•    fun social occasions building the strength of a supportive group
•    unforgettable local and international holiday experiences
•    a library of proven wealth building resources and
•    access to additional formal and informal courses conducted by Paul over the year.


The depth of the curriculum, the time commitment and personal application required of participants and the extraordinary outcomes achieved by them ensures that the Money Mastery Program richly deserves the fine reputation it enjoys as a truly premium life changing process.




Entry to the program is usually once a year with Paul’s 2013 program beginning in April. This years Introductory Sessions will be conducted on Sunday afternoon March 10th and Wednesday evening March 20th. Details below.

Applicants are then interviewed before acceptance to ensure that the potential of the applicant and the potential of the program are a good match. Participants literally become apprenticed to a person who eats, sleeps and breathes the economic and personal freedom many desire.


Our Results


The Howitt family on a journey to economic and personal freedom.

The Howitt family on a journey to economic and personal freedom.

Money Mastery was what we needed to set us on course to Financial Freedom.




Our mindsets and subconscious values are now all aligning with what we dream for. Opportunities are jumping out at us and our confidence as entrepreneurs is growing. We are now seeing the results with new business ventures and greater income. We can see our goals and dreams, we believe that they are a certainty.




Now it is only time that will determine the physical reality of our newfound subconscious.


  Money Mastery is an excellent course and we have no hesitation in recommending it to people wanting to experience more of their true potential.



Paul will be running two events in Perth during March to introduce people to his teachings and to explain about the Money Mastery Mentoring Program. If you are interested in knowing more about Paul and learning how you to can transform your life and create time and money freedom then book and come along.

Here are the links to the two events. This may be the big break you’re looking for!

Sunday 10th March 2013 1pm to 5pm cost $27

Wednesday 20th March 2013 6.45pm onwards no cost

Here is Paul’s website…



If you would like to ask us questions about the Money Mastery program you can call Trevor or Cathy on 0407263344 or email us at enterpriseforkids@gmail.com


Read what other West Australians are saying about Paul’s Courses…




“The Genius course was one of the most intriguing courses I have ever spent looking inside myself! As Paul explained the concepts and ways of understanding and decision making I could see that it would impact what I do and how I do it, from here on in. Once I confirmed my Genius type, I had two profound insights: why I DO think differently to others and how that difference manifests. On top of this. I had a “YES! That’s “me” breakthrough… I really can see me!” It’s so much easier to build my life, business and other achievements around my Genius style rather than trying to be someone or do something I am not.  Thanks for more “aha” moments, Paul.” Linda Slater. B Arch GradDipEd (Sec) Perth


“The exchange of ideas with others who, like me, are also interested in making so much more of their lives, gives me energy, and the confidence to continue with this instructive course.  I am already half way to achieving my first goal.” Roma Fragomeni, Administrative Officer


“To be in my genius state is so productive, so creative and so blissful, I wish I could be there all the time.  I’m achieving outcomes in a much more dynamic space and time line.  Paul’s descriptive education sessions generate even more interest to know my genius state, and makes total sense to me.” Mary Harkness. Specialist nurse


“Paul masterfully created an emotional-motivational state of curiosity that fueled my excitement and enjoyment as I discovered more about my innate genius. The findings from exploring my genius facilitated perseverance in my goals and a stronger sense of my ability to succeed. I now have a greater understanding and direction of how I can call on my innate genius and strengths to achieve the lifestyle I desire.” Lesley Yuen.


“My mind expanded with the information – realising that I can actually work from an easy flow state by tapping into my natural talents. I can see now that by understanding my true genius, I will reach my future dreams and desires quicker, more efficiently and with much enjoyment. I can now capitalise my time, energy, effectiveness in life and wealth creation. The concept of working with and through your genius state is just pure genius! I now know the type of work, business style, investing and trading styles that best suit my natural flow state.” Lisa Mirtsopoulos. Perth




Paul Counsel

Paul Counsel

Here are those links again…

Sunday 10th March 2013 1pm to 5pm cost $27

Wednesday 20th March 2013 6.45pm onwards no cost

Here is Paul’s website…


Our email enterpriseforkids@gmail.com

Our phone: 0407263344

I congratulate you for reading to the very end of our review of Money Mastery.  Cathy and I wish you all the very best with your Journey for economic and personal freedom.



  • Catherine says on: February 26, 2013 at 8:40 am


    This is such an interesting post. I firmly believe that mindset is the key to achieving what we strive for, but I like many others struggle with knowing how to do this. I “think” that I have the right mindset, but considering that I have not yet made financial freedom, I am guessing that i don’t! This would certainly be an interesting course to attend. Please keep us updated with how things are changing for you, and especially how your mindset is affecting your successes 🙂

    • Enterprise For KidsTeam says on: February 26, 2013 at 1:24 pm


      Thanks Cath. I think you are definitely on track with your mindset. We can see that with your determination, focus and passion! You can already see and believe your vision, you feel it, now it is just a matter of time before it fully shows up for you. We love following your progress and gaining inspiration from Cath’s Party Planning Blog.

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