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Pulling the Money Bunny Out of the Hat!

May 26th, 2012

Amber contemplating her enterprise.

Amber didn’t waste any time jumping into her New From Old money making enterprise. She bugged me to take her to the Dardanup Tip to see what she could find. So after her Saturday soccer game we paid a visit.

At the tip there is a salvage area where anything that could be recycled is put aside and sold.

Almost immediately Amber spotted an opportunity! She saw a damaged rabbit hutch. We looked over it and could see that it was generally in good structural condition and could easily be repaired. However, it did need a paint job. So Amber went up to the Tip man and struck up a deal. She bought the cage for $10.

Ten Dollars was a real bargain! We looked up the exact same cage sold online in kit form and saw that people were paying $180 for them.

Chayse helping Amber repair the rabbit hutch.

Amber fixing the door latch.















Arriving home there was a buzz of interest as the neighbouring kids headed around to see Amber’s rabbit hutch. They were really curious to see what she was up to. Amber bought a couple of paint brushes for $5, then using some old house paint she found in the shed, she and her friends, Darcy and Lauren, set to work painting. She also employed her brother Flynn and his mate Dan for $2 each to fix the broken part of the cage. They thought that would be awesome! Enterprise for Kids was now becoming infectious in the neighbourhood.

Amber employing Flynn to help her fix her rabbit hutch.

Darcy lends a helping hand.











It was all great fun and in no time at all the cage was ready to be sold. Amber continued her research into what to sell the cage for. She spoke with Darcy’s Mum about cages and also to Nicolette from next door. Both had owned rabbit cages and understood their value. Finally Amber decided that she would ask $90 for the bunny hutch.

Her next job was to put a free advert on the local Buy and Sell Bunbury Facebook page. She put her ad up with a photo and waited for a response.

You wouldn’t believe it! Within ten minutes the cage was sold for the full $90. In fact two other people had their hand up to buy the cage if the first deal fell through. Amber met and thanked the man who came round to pick the cage up and eagerly took the cash payment. She really did pull the money bunny out of the hat!

Now for the picture for Amber's Face Book advert

Amber's finished enterprise idea













All up, an outstanding result! In only a few days, Amber’s profit was $71 after costs. She is well on the way to attaining her goal. With her money jar now looking very full, she was rearing to go for another visit to the tip! She has already begun developing an enterprise mindset around business and money and her financial IQ is growing!

We will let you know how Amber goes with her next “New From Old Project”.

Next up we will pay a visit to Flynn and see how his buzzing honey enterprise is going!



  • Nigel says on: July 12, 2012 at 9:05 pm


    Dear Amber
    Brilliant idea. Tips are great places for recycling useful items. A tip; did you know you can also recycle ideas? Something you think of today might be useful in 10 years time so write down all your ideas in a “My Future Ideas Book”
    Another tip for the tip; recycling old pushbikes and selling them to kids who can’t afford new ones
    I wonder if your bunny hutch has a happy bunny living there now?

    • Cathy and Trevor says on: July 13, 2012 at 4:24 am


      Hey Nigel,
      Amber was very impressed with your suggestions. Love the idea about the bikes for families who can’t afford them!
      The “Future Ideas” book will be right up Amber’s alley – she loves writing and coming up with new ideas!
      Pretty sure the bunny hutch has a very happy bunny living in it (a lot of love put into that venture – she almost wanted to get a bunny herself…….
      Cath and Trev

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Inspiring kids to be entrepreneurial.