Inspiring kids to be entrepreneurial.

The Candy Man Entrepreneur!

June 3rd, 2012

Enterprise for Children can be a lot of fun, especially if it involves a four year old and a mountain of lollies! After you read this blog you’ll understand why Hansel and Gretal gave in to temptation to eat the witch’s candy house.

The Candy Man with his $50

... outside the supermarket!

"Let's eat!"









Chayse and I headed off to the supermarket with his $50 just as he had planned. We walked the Candy aisle and Chayse picked out the lollies he thought would be the yummiest. He bought everything from snakes, milk bottles to musks, liquorish and lollipops. Next he added to the shopping trolley 50 plastic sandwich bags and some packets of brightly coloured balloons. His whole investment of $50 was spent in no time. The check out lady asked him if was his birthday! Chayse nodded.

The production line!

Chayse’s brothers and sisters were at the car ready and waiting to escort him into the house and feast their eyes on all his lollies. Chayse was really enjoying all the attention! He bossed his brothers and sisters around as they bugged him for a lolly and offered to carry his bags.

It was all hands on deck. Jaxon and Mitchy from next door came over to help out and a production line was organised around the kitchen table. The lollies and balloons were placed into fifty piles and bagged up.

Chayse’s intention was to sell each bag for $2. So if all goes to plan he should make a 100% on his investment.

The production line team!

Cathy and I helped him with a sturdy box to display his product. We attached a strap to the box to help him hold it up and then made up a sign.

Mitchy and Jackson ran off home and immediately returned with money to buy a bag each. Chayse’s first customers! 98 candy bags to go!

Chayse’s brothers and sisters also wanted to buy a bag each with their pocket money. We had to put a halt to that as it was going to create troubles, especially as Chayse wanted to buy his own lollies too! So the compromise was that they were able to polish off the left over lollies… and of course Chayse was in charge of sharing them out to his drooling family.

Chayse's first customer, Mitchy.

Chayse’s enterprise for children business was now all set to go. His next job is to market and sell his product. We will share that story in a later blog.

Next up we’ll tune in with Kit the Dog Whisperer and see whether his enterprising idea has evolved!



  • Nigel says on: July 12, 2012 at 9:16 pm


    Hello Chayse
    Great idea for those with a sweet tooth but had u thought of kids who can’t eat sugary Lillie’s? Perhaps 5 bags out of every 50 could be made up of ‘suitable for kids who can’t have sugar’? It would be good or they will miss out
    A tip;to help their teeth stay healthy why not pop a very small tube of toothpaste into the bag (school dentists have them) or you could write to Mrs Colgate for a box of free samples.

  • Cathy and Trevor says on: July 13, 2012 at 4:28 am


    Hey Nigel,
    Chayse iked the idea of small tube of Colgate (but we have to convince him to part with them ’cause they are so cute!) Will get him onto drafting a letter (with help from Mum and Dad of course!)
    Yep, have thought of those kids who can’t eat sweets – just putting those plans into action – but he’s still thinking of good alternatives that are cost effective to buy and that will still have a market. He thought maybe little toys with some dried fruit. 🙂
    Cath and Trev

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Inspiring kids to be entrepreneurial.