Inspiring kids to be entrepreneurial.

Kaitlin’s “Enterprise For Kids” Idea!

May 19th, 2012

I admire those very creative people who can draw!

Sadly, I am not one of those people, although there are some very artistic people in my family.

My sister won first prize in Australia’s richest art prize. a $250 000 prize for an artwork she entered into “The Signature of Sydney”, which really kicked off her painting career. Also my grandparents and Aunt on my Dad’s side were respected artists. So it is not surprising that our eldest daughter Kaitlin has an exceptional skill with drawing, and in particular pencil portrait sketches. From when she was very little, she would draw for hours and over the years has honed her skill. Her Mum, Cathy, also has exceptional drawing skills and has encouraged and taught Kaitlin many of the skills she has today.

Kaitlin's drawing.

Kaitlin's portrait drawing.

When looking for an enterprise opportunity it makes sense to look at what one is skilled at, then see if there is a need or problem in your community where your skill could be put to use.

Up-skilling yourself in your area of interest and becoming the best there is in that field, will likely increase the demand for your kind of talent and services. As a result, customers will choose you over your competitors and are more likely pay a premium. I wrote a Enterprise for Kids post on this very topic a number of blogs ago, so if you would like to learn more about how up skilling creates enterprise for kids’ opportunities, then visit here.

Kaitlin’s talent with drawing is the basis of her enterprising idea and she explains her business plan in this short video.

Kaitlin loves drawing.

She plans on spending $70 to buy the drawing and framing materials she requires to run her business. She will draw people’s portraits from a photo and sell it either framed or unframed. She will market her service on Face Book. In our local area there is a classified Face Book Buy and Sell Bunbury. Her aim is to complete one drawing a week with a sale value of about $30. In her video Kaitlin considers the road blocks with her business and has looked at solutions.

So we have covered all our kids’ enterprising ideas except for one. In our next post we share Jai’s passion for electronics and gaming and how he plans to turn this interest into a money making enterprise.

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Inspiring kids to be entrepreneurial.