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Green Super Camp Bali… Jai Shares His Experience!

July 23rd, 2012

Jai and Kaitlin also attended the Green Super Camp Bali, although their experiences were a little different to Flynn’s as they were with teenagers from 14 to 17 years old and their learning and activities were different. They also had life changing experiences and returned to Australia with plenty of stories to share and noticeable positive changes. Here is Jai’s account in his own words….


Dance & drama!

Jai being prepared by his team to present a talk to the group.


The Green Super Camp was a once in a lifetime opportunity! I reckon I learnt more in the one week I was there than I have all of high school! It’s hard to explain what we learnt, but it involved quantum strategies, learning how to trust, have integrity, be balanced, and be self motivated… We also learnt some easy ways to increase our grades!

    The way we were taught these things were also very unique… there were so many skits and stories and we were involved in any way possible! Learning became fun and we found it easier to remember things.
    Everybody there was so friendly and strong friendships were formed quickly.


Green Super Camp Bali

High Ropes Course.

Building project.








Although the kids on the camp were from all around the world, we all got on really well and learnt a lot about each other!

    The Green Super Camp Bali was very different to any other camp I have been on… Every morning, to be able to have breakfast, we had to stand up as a team and yell out this chant:…


Team games.

Making friends... camp in the background.

    * clapclap *
    * clapclap *
    * clapclap*
    * clapclap*

    At first we all thought this was really weird and immature and none of us were really comfortable chanting it, but after a few days, nobody cared about how they looked (another thing we learnt) and we all got right into it!


Green Super Camp Bali 2012










My favourite part of the camp was interacting with the people there and mucking around with new-found mates!
    And if I had to say my least favourite part of the camp, it would be the fact that we sat a lot and our bums were sore by the end on the camp but that was minor compared to how much fun we had.
    Overall this camp was an amazing experience and I would happily go back any day!
    I would recommend this camp to anyone who is experiencing problems in their life, or would just like to try something new!

By Jai

In our next blog we hope to visit Kaitlin’s account of the Green Super Camp Bali. She hasn’t put pen to paper yet, so possibly we will take a look at something else until she gets round to it. It will be interesting to see if the camp lived up to her expectations!

Green SuperCamp Bali Raps!

July 16th, 2012

Twelve year old Flynn confidently exited through the International airport departure gate, heading off to a foreign country for an experience of a lifetime at the Green SuperCamp Bali!

Flynn dancing at the Green SuperCamp Bali

The kids are taught Quantum strategies to learn.

Balinese martial arts in the Mud Pit!





Saying goodbye to our son at five in the morning, then watching him leave Australia, knowing that we would not be able to speak to him for over a week, left us with a feeling of tremendous pride… although we were struggling with letting him go.


... self confidence...

... determination!













When Cathy and I learnt about the Green SuperCamp, we immediately knew that it would have tremendous character building benefits for our kids. We wanted to share their experiences on our Enterprise For Kids blog for our readers, as we strongly feel that the skills, values and knowledge that the Green Super Camp instils into kids are the same key attributes that will build future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Here is Flynn’s reflection of his camp in his own words!

The Balinese mud dance!

Supercamp was an absolutely awesome experience!










Supercamp was an absolutely awesome experience!

The biggest challenge that I faced was going to Bali on my own without my parents. I just knew that I wanted to go on the Green SuperCamp, and to do that I had to go on my own.

I loved trying all the fun activities like mud wrestling, high ropes course, Balinese dancing and seeing all the zoo animals.


I became friends with kids from all over the world. There were kids from America, Australia, Bali, Indonesia, London, India, New Zealand and Japan. Everyone there were really nice, they were happy and they persevered with all the challenges. I liked everyone at the Green SuperCamp!

One of my favourite activities was the mud fighting because I learnt self defence and I learnt how to throw people over my back. This activity taught me the importance of perseverance and to never give up.


... the key to success!


We were taught how to use Quantum strategies to think and learn. As a result my reading has become seven times faster.

The Bali Green SuperCamp was a fantastic experience. I think that everyone should have a chance to go!

Check out this video of our enlightened Flynn the night he arrived home from camp!

As parents we have noted a number of positive changes in Flynn since the camp.

Team Building...

... responsibility and care!





At his school, the teachers have commented that Flynn has been making a real effort and that he has been keeping away from any sort of mischief. He has taken to reading books (which is something he normally avoids!), so much so that he has reached this term’s reading goal in only three weeks! He has an air of confidence and purpose with the things he does. This is evident with his responsibility with chores and with his focus and efforts when playing weekend soccer. Flynn has been easy to get along with at home and appears to be very happy with life!


Flynn answers more questions about his camp experience. Just click this link.

Next up we share Jai’s experience at the Green SuperCamp Bali!

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